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Ariul works to provide the cleansing and detoxing relief from the stresses of modern life by harnessing the power of natural ingredients. Well-known super fruits and veggies can work the wonders to our inner body, they are also excellent nutrients, cleansing and detoxing agents for our skin and complexion. 

Ariul's best seller, 7 Days Masks harness exceptional natural nutrients which are instantly released, but effectively seeped into skin for remarkable results. 7 Days Masks are being sold every second around the globe. 

7 Days Vitamin Mist is an impeccable blend of EWG (Environmental Working Group) certified green graded nutrients. It's perfectly blended with daily nutritional fruits and veggies, combined with other effective yet benign nutrients will ensure youthful radiance and daily hydration. 

''Natural Relief from Urban Life" is our obligation and responsibility to consumers, and our efforts are ever lasting until we satisfy the very last one.



Your skin covers all aroun your body, and less than one twentieth of an inch separates your body from potential toxins. Worse yet, your skin around vaginal area is highly permeable and inner walls are even more extreme. 

U.S. FDA regulates tampons and sanitary pads as medical devices, a classification which offers manufacturers certain protection. So they are not required to disclose all individual ingredients in their products and the FDA only recommends they provide 'general information' about the material composition such as cotton, rayon, or etc...while pesticides are used to harvest cottons, and bleaching chemicals are used to so called to 'clean' the products. But could you really call these 'clean' when they withhold health threatening chemicals?

Health risk of onventional tampons and sanitary pads - Some of these chemicals found in tampon and sanitary pads contain chemicals which may lead to abnormal tissue growth in reproductive organs, hormonal and endocrine system disruption, birth defects, and even infertility.

Ladybugs (Ladybirds) are useful insects because they prey on agricultural pests, and many of them are easily found on our organic cotton fields. Its name is orginated from the past in Europe as the gift of the Virgin Mary (Lady) as they worked as natural pesticide.  

I'mO is an organic menstrual pad made with organic cotton grown from healthy soil without using any pesticide or insecticide. Then water pressed with patented technology to preserve cotton's organic status.



Ischia is a volcanic island in Italy well known for volcanic hot springs and their healing properties. Purifying nature of volcanic extracts combined with marine collagen and double layering hyaluronic acid deliver phenomenal hydrating, lifting, and rejuvenating benefits clearly noticeable after single use. 

Introducing world's first double layering hyaluronic acid: Micro sized hyaluronic acid for epidermal and nano sized hyaluronic acid for dermal rejuvenation. 

4th Generation Magic Gel Mask is composed of fermented microorganism which is biodegradable and compostable, and superb in hypo-allergenic. 

Volcanic extracts for cleansing and purifying, double layering hyaluronic acid along with spring water for maximum hydration, marine collagen and microorganism mask for firming and lifting!



DeRama is the safest baby wet wipes made with 99.5% water from 7 tier filtration system and added lave sea water, 0.5% food grade ingredients from baby food as preservative. 

DeRama is a caring hand of earth and nature that can replace caring mother's hand. It is created to offer assurance on baby's most sensitive skin. 

Free of 20 toxic substances tested and certified, and hypo-allergenic wipes are safe to use on most sensitive skin types and even around eyes and mouth. 

Manufactured under germ-free and dust-free world class hygienic facility.